1st Quarter Business Meeting: April 14th

Join us directly after our worship service on April 14th for our 1st Quarter Business Meeting. This is an important opportunity for all members of our church to come together and discuss the business matters that impact our community.

During the meeting, we will be discussing various topics related to the operation of our church. This includes financial updates, upcoming events, and any other important matters that need to be addressed. It is crucial for all members to be informed and involved in the decision-making process.

We encourage everyone to stick around and be a part of this meeting. Your input and participation are valuable as we work together to shape the future of our church. This is an opportunity to voice your opinions, ask questions, and contribute to the overall well-being of our community.

By attending the 1st Quarter Business Meeting, you will gain a better understanding of the inner workings of our church. You will also have the chance to connect with other members and build relationships within our community.

Mark your calendars for April 14th and plan to stay after the worship service for our 1st Quarter Business Meeting. Your presence and involvement are greatly appreciated as we strive to make our church a thriving and inclusive place for all.