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School Angels Ministry
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The vision of the School Angels Ministry began on our first trip to Ghana, when we noticed a multitude of children wandering the roads and pathways during the normal school day.  From that first encounter, God impressed upon the team’s hearts to help provide the means available for these children to received education, was well as the exposure of a Christian school environment.  We encourage your support to this ministry through your prayers, labor and financial support.  Thank you in advance for helping make a eternal difference to our wonderful School Angels.

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The First Baptist Church of Welcome believes that what the Ghana Mission Team does in Ghana is nothing less than amazing and if you agree, please consider donating to this amazing ministry.

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The Donate button will take you to a paypal page that will contain a "comments box". Please note that you are making an offering to the Ghana Mission Team or School Angels Ministry in that box. This way it will go straight to the ministry.


School Angels Ministry was founded in 2012

During our 1st Mission trip to Ghana it was clear to us that more had to be done, we could not be in Ghana all the time to minister & share God's Word like we all longed to do. We quickly learned that Schools in Ghana were unlike schools here in America. They were FREE to teach God's word &..openly did so...therefore it was clear that we MUST place kids into school so they too can hear God's Word!

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