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In July 2003, my family and I were blessed to be asked to serve as Interim Pastor here at the First Baptist Church of Welcome. It was an easy decision to make because not only had I believed God had led us here, but the evidence of His sweet love was embodied by the men, women, and children of this wonderful fellowship of believers.  God continued to bless me as the church called me to be their full time Pastor in February 2004.

We have seen our congregation grow as we seek to do the will of the Father. Through the changes that come with growth, the one thing the remains intact is the LOVE that comes from the brothers and sisters.  A love that emulates the love that our Savior, Jesus Christ, had for each of us when at Calvary, He died upon the cross and rose from the grave. I believe in my heart that the First Baptist Church of Welcome is on its way to becoming the church that Jesus had intended and is described in the book of Acts, chapter 2. As we grow in the Lord and seek His will, we can say with great certainty that the First Baptist Church of Welcome is truly blessed to have a fellowship of God’s children willing to share His heart.

May God’s face smile upon each one of you until we see His Glory with our own eyes in Heaven.

Your Servant in Christ, Pastor Mark A. Hashagen

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First Baptist Church of Welcome couldn't function as smoothly without the faithful support of these dedicated servants. " I couldn't imagine serving with a better group of men." - Pastor Mark

Leo Peters

Leo Peters

Chris Dobry

Chris Dobry

A Lighthouse on a hill

In 1944, the Nanjemoy Baptist Church established a Baptist Mission in the community of  Welcome under the direction of Pastor C. C. Nanney. Volunteer workers erected a one-room building on Gunston Road which served as a sanctuary for 26 years. In 1968, the addition of a second room served as a fellowship hall and Sunday school classroom.

From 1966 to 1973, during the pastorate of Pastor William L. Bort, Sr., the mission grew in membership and became self-supporting. On August 24, 1969, the 25 year-old mission was constituted into the First Baptist Church of Welcome.

On April 6, 1970, First Baptist Church of Welcome celebrated a ground breaking ceremony on four acres of land purchased with the assistance and gifts from Mr. Wilson Golden and the Marbury Baptist Church. Three months later the first service was conducted at the new location.

Today under the pastoral of Pastor Mark A. Hashagen, First Baptist Church of Welcome continues to grow and flourish.

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