Shower the Church Program

Every little bit counts. First Baptist Church of Welcome has many needs that are consumables. These items get used every time there is an event of the church. This program is intended to help relieve the church budget a bit and help keep items in stock when possible when they are needed.

Here is a list of the many of the commonly used items that this church can always use more of. I’m sure this is not a complete list, so feel free to help where you know there is a need.

Shower the church
[ ] Toilet plunger
[ ] Toilet brush
[ ] Small packets of Kleenex
[ ] Dishcloths and dish towels
[ ] Liquid Hand soap
[ ] Small bathroom trash bags
[ ] Kitchen trash bags
[ ] Swiffer duster refills
[ ] Furniture polish
[ ] Plastic/tissue tablecloths
[ ] O Cedar wet mop refill
[ ] Bathroom and kitchen cleaner
[ ] CLR
[ ] Bleach
[ ] Paper towels
[ ] Toilet tissue

Thank you so much in advance for helping where you can. Even the little things matter.

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