Shoe Box Ministry

Shoe Boxes – The time has come for us to prepare Christmas Shoe Boxes for those children around the world who have never received a Christmas present or heard of Jesus. Start picking up your things to fill the boxes now!

The shoe boxes ministry is done through Samaritans Purse.

There is are many opportunities here to help. You can do all local through our church, you can give online, there is even a build a shoebox online for those who can’t go shopping and such. They even have a “build your box online” and they do it for you. It has different choices for ages and toys. It’s really cool! It gives a running total for the box and you just pay online.

FBW needs your contributions by November 8th in order to the sorting and get them to the distribution center.

There are boxes available at the church and the information pamphlet as well.

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