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Calling all Crafters, Quilters and anyone not afraid to sew.

Local facilities have called on us to help make masks to keep our healthcare workers and those in need safe! Are you able to help? They have asked for 10,000 masks in 3 weeks. We know the entire globe will need this so we are trying to make this a global sew-a-thon and make 1 million masks!

That is the big picture but you are likely receiving this information because you are local to the Southern Maryland area. We want to support local first.  For instance, the seniors in our church, caregivers, local hospitals, nursing homes..... seriously it goes on but local first.

Major Note Here: We are talking to the people who basically have a "craft stash".  WE DO NOT WANT PEOPLE OUT SHOPPING. That would be against the whole point right now. There are a lot of variables to what can be used except the main material really needs to be a quilters level cotton. Basically, natural fiber that is tightly woven. Its purpase is to act as a filter after all. Yes, we know that no matter how we make that actual mask its self, you will not get an N95 rating. HOWEVER, the point of this to help stretch the current short supply to medical personnel and help others in need that have nothing since the right stuff is no longer available. Hince take care of local first.

Let us get into the different areas of this project.

Where are the face masks going?

This project objective is on a local level. Starting with our most vulnerable citizens, our seniors. We will go from there and yes there is information being gathered for that.

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What materials are needed?

There is a lot of ways to make these masks  but one material is the fabric. Quilter's cotton is what most of us have some of. The rest is dependant on what style you are making.

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How to make face masks.

You might have already figured out that there is a lot of information out there concerning these masks.  Here are some of the best answers available at this time.

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Your skill for a bigger purpose.

So you were working doing one of those projects that have been sitting there waiting for who knows how long. Yah, me too, several. I was actually getting ready to launch a new campaign for Days For Girls. You may hear more about that later.  Even Days For Girls, a national organization is switching gears to fill this worldwide need. If it's worldwide, that means it's also local. That means we have an opportunity to make a difference to people we actually know and love.

Join me in this effort to do our part in keeping our seniors safer and hopefully help the area hospitals and nursing homes.

Remember, part of the purpose is to use what you have, DO NOT GO OUT SHOPPING.  Amazon might be a better plan.

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I don't sew, craft,have a craft stash but I want to help.

Normally I would say get together with someone and help them but given the times, making a donation or purchasing needs and sending them those needing them is best. Soon we will have a place where people can post needs and possibly if they are making masks and need them picked to take to a drop off. In the mean time. The main challenge site is you best bet.