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Boy howdy has a lot happen in a couple weeks. First of all to answer some questions that have occured.

Do we need donations and what kind?

We have had several donations of the a/c filters. Those who did that thank you so much.

I conveyed to people I was not really asking for people to donate fabric or other materials think that I personally would probably not have any shortage. Too big of a craft stash I guess but this whole thing quarantine/ lockdown thing is way bigger than ever thought, at least by me. The reality is that any person going out in public and is suggested to wear a mask. So now supply can not come close to demand. And quite possibly, my fabric stash will not meet the need of even the church family requests plus the local elderly facilities as I had hoped. The masks have become a legitimate reason for Pastor Mark to keep the doors open during his office hours, and be able to be a resource for those in need through the church.

On an outreach level we have about 6 people sewing to help their areas of need in their circles. Basically everyone has people they know and communicate with. There are literally 100s of people across southern Maryland doing what they can to help.

As of 4-19-20 this church ministry is getting ready to bring in about 100 more masks in various sizes. Anyone in need is welcome to come by the church in the mornings or catch Pastor Mark there and get as needed. Likely after this 100, that will be it. First come first serve.

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